new look, same purpose.

It’s been years since I’ve created a post for our website, Can you even call it a hiatus if you disappear for years? Needless to say, life got busy and turbulent and this little project of ours fell on the wayside.

Fast forward to 2023 and the wee little kiddie is now a teenager and I’ve decided to take a closer look at my life and what truly matters. Aging parents and living as a compressed sandwich between home and life has made me hit my brakes.

Writing these posts used to always bring me joy. It was exciting to have others read and relate to my spontaneous, unedited thoughts but it was so much more than that. Writing gave me a reprieve from my day to day life. It gave my brain something to focus on that was fun, spontaneous, and creative. I never set out to make the most beautiful site (others can do that far better than I will ever be able to) but I hoped like minds would connect with my words in their unedited, spontaneous, chaotic, authenticity.

Yes, is active again

So, with all that said, is active again. The look is different (and an ongoing work in progress) but the purpose remains the same. I’ll be posting about the simple things in life and some will feel familiar – product reviews, recipes, pondering thoughts and reflections.

With time comes new thoughts so you’ll also see some new topics and focal points. I’m now also the primary caregiver to my aging father, who has changed cognitively, has limited mobility, and relies on us for his daily needs. So, I hope to share some of my tips and activities that I use with him in hopes that these might be of help to others. I’ve always liked “I Spy” type games so I plan to implement a ‘guessing game’ feature to the site as well.

Our Purpose…

Our purpose: to focus on the simple things in life that are within our control. The reality is, the world out there is big and vast. It moves fast and at times, adds more stress to our lives than we need. Our big brains tend to focus on the past and speed up with worry to get to the future but in the midst of all that, we forget about the present.

I was on an endless hamster wheel spinning out of control for far too long and upon reflection, I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of those ‘everyday’ moments that would have brought me more joy and fulfillment in my daily life. So, as much as this is a website to connect with like-minded others, this is a commitment and dedication to self to keep my eyes on the present and what my senses experience. I’ll still get to those future goals but this time, it will be with a better appreciation of the beauty that each day brings.

Welcome back to I look forward to re-building this community again.

Sincerely, Jenny

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