Some food for thought, some moments to ponder. In recent years, I’ve realized that my life has spinning beyond my control. The once sturdy hamster wheel derailed and I was left with some very unnerving results. Since then, I’ve tried (key word is “try”) to be more mindful of my present state. To pay attention, to focus, to be intentional rather than worry about the past or future. Since then, I’ve become better equipped to tackle my day. So, in this section, you’ll find different posts that capture some of my reflections. I hope these will give us a moment to reflect on who we are and the simple things in life. Jenny, Founder,

Some Food for Thought

  • new look, same purpose.
    It’s been years since I’ve created a post for our website, Can you even call it a hiatus if you disappear for years? Needless to say, life […]

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It's been years since I've created a post for our website, …