What’s This?

Take a moment to see things from a different perspective. Often times, we go about our daily lives in full autopilot and miss out on the beauty that surrounds us. I’ve dedicated this space for a quick guessing game where I take images of every day objects, zoom in for a close up shot, and ask you to guess what they might be. The end goal: to spend some time looking at common things with a fresh new lens, to take time to breathe and pause, and appreciate the little moments in life. This is also a great little exercise to do with family members and friends for some fun collaboration. Enjoy! Jenny, Founder, ThingsThatWeDo.com

So, can you guess what this might be?

  • What’s This?
    What’s life without a bit of fun? Have a look at the image below. Can you guess what this might be? Answer will be posted on Friday, June […]

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What’s This?
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